Physics in 5 Dimensions – Bye, bye Big Bang


Classical Physics uses a Galilean coordinate system in which four coordinates (x, y, z, t,) determine an event, where the term “an object at rest” is the view of an object by an observer when the velocity of the object appears to be zero in a Galilean frame of reference rigidly attached to the observer. Yet we know that the observer, object and indeed their frame of reference are all still moving in the universe in some way. For example, an observer on the surface of Planet Earth has a motion arising from the sum of the Earth’s rotation, the Earth orbiting the Sun, the Sun moving within the Milky Way, the Milky Way rotating and moving within the Universe. Therefore all observers and all other particles and bodies inevitably have a complex movement within the universe. This complex movement is introduced as a new 5th dimension to the coordinate system, in a similar way as occurred when time t was introduced within the 4 dimensions of the Galilean coordinate system. In this way we convert Classical Physics in 4 Dimensions into Physics in 5 Dimensions and this book explains how.


This book:-

  • has all physics definitions clearly explained.
  • develops the effects of the new theory in a logical and easy to follow way.
  • is a university physics textbook offering a concise introduction to a wide range of the experimentally proven fundamentals of classical physics of the last 100 years.
  • presents a completely new understanding of physics from another perspective.
  • clarifies the difference between Physics in 4 and 5 Dimensions as conversion from one to the other is always possible. Many example cases are calculated.
  • is well illustrated with 138 figures (40 in colour).
  • resolves many of the paradoxes of classical physics when working with Physics in 5 Dimensions.
  • is the result of 16 years of research by the author.

Compared to classical physics, Physics in 5 Dimensions is a significantly more unified theory of physics. It is a model of the development of the universe, without the need of a Big Bang Theory, as reflected in various examples.


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The Book by Alan Clark Physics in 5 Dimensions - PDF file is available to members of ResearchGate here.