Key Expressions of Physics

Key expressions of the theory of Physics in 5 Dimensions - compared to the expressions of Classical Physics.


Between the classical Euclidean 4-dimensional coordinates of space and time with a direct physical meaning (4-dimensional space) and the Einstein relativity theory with the requirement of general co-variance which takes away from space and time the last remnant of physical objectivity, is the 5-dimensional space-time continuum (5-dimensional space). The condition of general co-variance remains for all systems of coordinates, however there remains a significant element of objective physics with the 5-dimensional space-time continuum.


Please click here to download a paper on the Physical Constants of Nature and Expressions of Physics where you can review and compare the Key Expressions of Classical Physics alongside the expressions of Physics in 5 Dimensions.


The Book by Alan Clark Physics in 5 Dimensions - PDF file is available to members of ResearchGate here.