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5th Dimension Physics originates from a detailed review of the experimentally proven physics of prominent physicists working in the period from 1905 to 1935 (A Golden Age) and looks at alternative, more objective physics and unifying perspectives of their fundamentals of physics.


For a brief introduction to this topic read the Abstract - or in German the Zusammenfassung.


Time has passed without the expected advances towards a Unified Theory, a Theory of Gravity or a Coherent Explanation of the Origin of Matter and the Universe. Today, many theories are talked about as being true, such as the Big Bang Theory, Dark Matter and an Expanding Universe, yet they remain hypotheses without proof. Given all the research and effort applied to physics over the past decades, the advances made in specific fields are technically brilliant, as demonstrated by the many advanced products now available, yet little has been achieved to address the bigger issues of physics and the universe.


The theory of Physics in 5 Dimensions describes in detail a physically objective view of physics; an alternative to the major part of today's theoretical physics that is mainly disconnected from reality. This lack of reality started back in 1923 when Einstein lamented that physics lost the last remnant of physical objectivity with his general theory of relativity, space and time.


The book includes a summary of the current perspective of classical physics for each field of physics covered, using carefully edited material from identified sources; a useful reference book to refresh your view of classical physics. With the backdrop of classical physics, the theory is presented in a clear manner with mathematical expressions to support the theory. These expressions are common and coherent across the various fields of physics covered and many figures illustrate the key relationships between parameters. Compared to classical physics, this is a significantly more unified theory of physics and the extensive examples calculated make a good case for replacing the Big Bang Theory with the Theory of Physics in 5 Dimensions as the model of the development of the universe.


This website offers you an insight into various aspects of the theory and we recommend you start at this link An Objective View of Physics that quickly leads you to the definition of the 5th dimension. What it's all about gives an insight into the way some of the hypotheses evolved. For an in-depth understanding of these topics, you can review the full text, along with the associated mathematics and figures, available in the book. Summaries of the Fundamental Constants of Nature and Physics Expressions of the theory - compared to the expressions of classical physics - offer an interesting plausibility check of this new objective view of physics.


We wish you many hours of interesting thought with the perspectives of Physics in 5 dimensions.


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