Physics in 5 Dimensions - Technical Information

The review of a new theory of physics requires time to both read and digest the ideas being presented and often this time is not readily available.


When the effect of a new theory on the Key Expressions of physics is linked to changes and/or explanations of the Physical Constants of nature then a feeling for the plausibility of the new theory may be rapidly established.


This approach also helps demonstrate the extent to which a new theory has been developed by illustrating how the new theory applies across many different fields of physics together with the various applicable Key Expressions and Physical Constants of nature.


The pull-down PHYSICS INFO menu offers summaries of the Theory of Physics in 5 Dimensions for:- Physics Definitions - Physical Constants of Nature - Key Expressions of Physics.



The Book by Alan ClarkPhysics in 5 Dimensions - is also available as a PDF file to members of ResearchGate here.