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Record-Breaking Detection of Solar Photons 

Measurements of the highest-energy radiation from the Sun ever seen highlight the need for better solar models - APS, Ryan Wilkinson, 3 August 2023 Physics 16, s107


A distant planetoid hosts a curiously distant ring 

The Kuiper belt object Quaoar has a ring system that is located well beyond the distance where particles should start accreting into moons - Physics Today, Andrew Grant, 8 Feb 2023 in Research & Technology


Imperial scientists appear in first book by teen climate activist Greta Thunberg 

Two experts on cloud science and dangerous weather contributed to a newly published ‘essential guide for saving the planet‘ - Jez Fredenburgh - Imperial College London - October 2022


Boosting the Performance of Quantum Repeaters 

Multiplexing techniques could boost the chances of achieving end-to-end entanglement of a signal in a trapped-ion-based quantum-computer network - Erika K. Carlson - APS Physics - February 2022


No, putting a spoon in an open bottle of champagne doesn't keep it bubbly, but there is a better way 

... The fact is, it's a myth to say a spoon in an open bottle of sparkling wine keeps it bubbly. You're better off buying a proper stopper - Geoff Scollary, The Conversation - Phys-Org - January 2022


Dune auroras shine light on atmospheric dynamics 

Their alternating pattern likely indicates a connection with waves in the upper mesosphere - Christine Middleton - Physics Today - May 24th 2021.


Quantum-entangled drones share secure messages 

Researchers transmitted photonic qubits through free space using a cost-effective, mobile network of nodes - Zhenda Xie, Yan-Xiao Gong, and Shi-Ning Zhu of Nanjing University in China have accelerated an alternative approach - Alex Lopatka - Physics Today - February 19th 2021.


Finding New Forces with Old Techniques 

Interactions predicted by beyond-standard-model theories could be detected using a variation on Mössbauer spectroscopy, according to a new proposal. - Marric Stephens - APS Physics - December 24th 2020.


Nobel Prize: Facing the Reality of Black Holes Three scientists were recognized for proving that gravitational collapse can lead to a black hole and for observing the supermassive black hole at the center of our Galaxy - Michael Schirber - APS News - October 2020


A Few Qubits Go a Long Way  The right combination of quantum and classical computations allows for accurate quantum chemistry simulations using surprisingly few qubits - Marric Stephens - APS News - January 2020


Directly Measuring an Entangled State Researchers have directly measured the components of a nonlocal, entangled wave function, rather than relying on indirect tomographic or reconstructive techniques - David Starling - APS News - October 2019



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