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Pinpointing the Roots of Extreme Weather Events

A statistical method for fingerprinting the patterns of heat waves and cold spells could reveal whether climate change caused an extreme weather event - Katherine Wright - APS Physics - July 2021


‘Whitest White’ Paint Beats the Heat

A new nanomaterial mixture lets surfaces release more heat than they absorb - Scientific American - May 2021


Muon g–2 Anomaly Explained 

Jorge Cham, aka, PHD Comics, illustrates the excitement over the muon anomaly results in a set of cartoons he made for Physics - APS Physics - April 2021


2D Metal Compound Shows a Superconducting Surprise

A cesium-rich “kagome” metal is both a topological insulator and a superconductor, making it a compelling material for future quantum technologies - Rachel Berkowitz - APS Physics - December 2020


Dark matter even more elusive than previously thought One of the best candidates for finding dark matter – dwarf galaxies – appear to be sending weaker signals than previously thought - Hayley Dunning - Imperial College London - September 2020


New Particle Accelerator Fits on a Silicon Chip The device uses lasers to accelerate electrons along an etched channel - Sophie Bushwick - Scientific American - January 2020


Is the Universe a Giant Loop? New study suggests cosmos may be curved in upon itself like a ball—but many experts remain unconvinced - Rafi Letzter - Scientific American - November 2019 - Note: Also a forecast of Physics in 5 Dimensions


10-qubit register breaks new ground in quantum computing Imperfections in diamond enable a 10-qubit register – a collection of qubits that can store data in a quantum computer - Arso Ivanovic - IOP - October 2019


Einstein’s general theory of relativity passes a supermassive test  - A key aspect of Einstein’s general theory of relativity (GR) has been tested using the strongest gravitational field so far - Sam Jarman - IOP - March 2019


The Greenland ice sheet is melting year-round - For the past three decades, increased rainfall has initiated a series of feedbacks that has escalated ice loss - Alex Lopatka - Physics Today - March 2019


Ripples and Fireworks in Bose-Einstein Condensates - By switching a magnetic field’s direction up and down, researchers interfered matter waves to produce density ripples that led to firework-like jets - Sophia Chen - APS Physics - December 2018


Is Dark Matter Real? Astrophysicists have piled up observations that are difficult to explain with dark matter. It is time to consider that there may be more to gravity than Einstein taught us - Sabine Hossenfelder, Stacy S. McGaugh - Scientific American - August 2018


Bose–Einstein condensate inside an atom - By encircling the condensate in the far-flung orbit of a Rydberg atom, researchers orchestrated ion–atom collisions at record cold temperatures - Ashley G. Smart - 4 Jun 2018 - Physics Today


Does a Quantum Equation Govern Some of the Universe's Large Structures?  - A new paper uses the Schrödinger equation to describe debris disks around stars and black holes—and provides an object lesson about what “quantum” really means - Philip Ball - March 7, 2018 - Scientific American



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