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Trapped Ions Go the Distance

Researchers have achieved long-distance entanglement between two calcium ions, each of which lies in a different building, showing that trapped ions could be used to create quantum networks - Marric Stephens - February 2, 2023 APS News, Physics 16, s20


Neutrino Astronomy Enters a New Era

Using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica, researchers have found significant evidence of a cosmic source of high-energy neutrinos - Katherine Wright - November 3, 2022 - APS News, Physics 15, 171


Double-slit experiment without slits

A telltale interference pattern confirms that a coherent super-position of molecular orientations creates two indistinguishable scattering pathways (H. Zhou et al., Science 374, 960, 2021) - Heather M. Hill - Physics Today - December 2021


Pinpointing the Roots of Extreme Weather Events

A statistical method for fingerprinting the patterns of heat waves and cold spells could reveal whether climate change caused an extreme weather event - Katherine Wright - APS Physics - July 2021


‘Whitest White’ Paint Beats the Heat

A new nanomaterial mixture lets surfaces release more heat than they absorb - Scientific American - May 2021


Muon g–2 Anomaly Explained 

Jorge Cham, aka, PHD Comics, illustrates the excitement over the muon anomaly results in a set of cartoons he made for Physics - APS Physics - April 2021


2D Metal Compound Shows a Superconducting Surprise

A cesium-rich “kagome” metal is both a topological insulator and a superconductor, making it a compelling material for future quantum technologies - Rachel Berkowitz - APS Physics - December 2020


Dark matter even more elusive than previously thought One of the best candidates for finding dark matter – dwarf galaxies – appear to be sending weaker signals than previously thought - Hayley Dunning - Imperial College London - September 2020


New Particle Accelerator Fits on a Silicon Chip The device uses lasers to accelerate electrons along an etched channel - Sophie Bushwick - Scientific American - January 2020


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