About you, the Reader

The books Physics in 5 Dimensions and What's the matter? are intended for readers whose interest in physics covers a broad range of topics:

  • Especially the bigger questions of physics and the universe still to be answered (Does Dark matter really exist?, Is the Big Bang theory correct?, Explanation of gravity, Why is the speed of light constant and what determines the numerical value measured? - and some other examples here)
  • You don't require specialist knowledge of theoretical physics and the mathematics used in this physics textbook is typical of a first year university physics degree course.
  • The current view of classical physics is summarised for each field covered using carefully edited material from identified sources. Without the distraction of having to use other reference books, these summaries will help refresh your current view of classical physics - and for some readers will be justification enough to buy the book.
  • The main ideas of Physics in 5 Dimensions are presented in a clear manner and mathematical expressions support the text together with many figures illustrating the relationship between parameters. This allows you to associate physical objectivity with each field of physics reviewed.
  • The hypotheses of Physics in 5 Dimensions developed are shown to comply with the fundamentals of physics and you will see how they follow as reasonable and logical extensions of the classical view.
  • You can judge the perspective of Physics in 5 Dimensions on the complete work, with your opinions based on the extent of the results over the many fields of physics covered. These results make a well founded case for replacing the Big Bang Theory with the Theory of Physics in 5 Dimensions as the model, or theory, of the development of the universe - a significantly more unified theory of physics - Will you agree?

The Books - Physics in 5 Dimensions - and What's the 'Matter? - by Alan Clark


May readers find many hours of interesting thought with the perspective of Physics in 5 dimensions.